Best Tips For Picking Coffee Beans

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To me, coffee is my most favorite beverage and I, like most people, can’t go a day without drinking several cups of coffee. I’ve drunk coffee since I was a baby and my coffee obsession has only gotten worse the older I get. I don’t know why but my fiance loves how I make coffee, so each morning when we wake up, I ask her, “How about a cup of coffee? And she looks at me with a big smile on her face!

However, she does get pretty mad at me over my coffee at times. She is addicted to shopping like I am my coffee. The other day she got mad at me because we were going out the door to one of her all day shopping adventures and I told her she would have to wait a few minutes because I wanted to make one more cup of coffee. That didn’t go over to well with her because Belks and several other stores had big sales going on and they were calling her name! LOL!

My Purpose

When I first started my website, “The Coffee Bean Shoppe,” it was only to share my interest about coffee with people who share similar interest as I do and give them tips along the way about different types of coffees and coffee makers. I have purchased and drank coffees from around the world and I currently have a subscription for coffee to delivered to me each month.

Coffee Shop

If you’re like many individuals, you aren’t satisfied with the regular big brand coffee. You want something with a little more punch. Something to really get your day going, right? Well let’s get you started in the right direction, shall we?

The Beans On Favored Coffee

The Specie

The type of coffee beans used to make a finished flavored coffee influence, and the impact of how the coffee tastes have a lot to do with the type of coffee bean it is.  Green coffee beans contain different compounds which contribute to their profile, including sugars and other carbohydrates, mineral salts, organic acids, and aromatic oils.  The most common coffee beans used for flavored coffees are Arabica, characteristically milder than the robust Robusta beans.

Coffee Beans

The Roast

When essential oils are added to coffee beans too mildly roasted, the coffee

Coffee Roaster

lacks significant characteristics and represents flat-tasting coffee results. If the roast is too dark, the flavoring becomes overshadowed by the taste of the beans.

Medium to brown is the perfect roast color for these popular coffees.  For example, a French Vanilla essence will be undermined by a French roast bean and overwhelm the sweet creamy tones of the desired French vanilla taste.

The Coffee

Coffee beans are influenced by many factors such as its species, strain,

Coffee Beans

growth area, climatic conditions, latitude and altitude, soil, processing, and the roast level.

A single type of coffee bean can be used like Kenya AA, which has distinctive taste characteristics of high winey acidity that can ignite and empower certain chocolaty taste. For other flavors, using a blend of beans from various regions designed to project a unique base is optimal.

Natural oils used in flavored coffees are extracted from a variety of sources such as vanilla beans, cocoa beans, and various nuts and berries. Cinnamon, clove, and chicory are also used in a variety of coffee.

The Flavoring Science

Flavor chemists blend many oils to achieve specific combinations. While other foods may be composed of nine or 10 ingredients, coffee flavors require up to 80 different compounds. The primary goal is to seek ideal flavored coffee that does not interfere with the coffee’s aromatic and taste characteristics.

Coffee Chemist

Pure compounds are highly concentrated and must be diluted in a solvent to allow the blending of multiple oils and easy application to the roasted coffee beans. The current technology uses stable solvents which leave the beans with a glossy sheen and longer lasting oil. The chemicals and the solvents used in flavors must not only be approved for use in foods, but they must also not adversely react with the packaging material and the processing equipment with which they come into contact.

The drinking experience can be determined by the choices that you make including the selection of the best coffee beans to the choice of the best coffee makers to accommodate all your coffee making needs. Espresso coffee beans are very popular, but you can also find other options to suit your preferences. A few tips can help you in making the right decision when buying the best coffee beans.

How Do You Like Your Coffee

How do you like your coffee? There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee.

Hot Cup of Coffee

First, you will need to determine your definition of strong. Is it caffeine you want to be strong or the flavor? These are two very different things you should decide which is more important to make your decision on your quest for good strong coffee.

Do you want a bold flavor from your coffee then it will help if the coffee bean is a darker color? This is one reason a French roast is popular. This way, the beans are roasted a bit longer, giving them a much richer and more powerful flavor. However, you have to be more careful because the longer you roast the coffee beans, the less caffeine remains because it gets lost to the heat.

But if you are looking for a lighter cup of coffee with a lot of caffeine, then you need a “breakfast blend” which has a higher amount of caffeine. This can really get you going in the morning! Hence, the name. This type of roast will generally have a much stronger effect on your body but will taste a bit weaker.

Now once you have your taste preference for which type of strength you like, then you can move on to how to actually prepare your coffee at home. It’s really quite simple.

When you get down to it, the only two ingredients when brewing your coffee at home are water and coffee grounds. So, it really is as simple as adjusting your coffee to water ratio. To make a stronger cup, increase the number of coffee grounds in your brew without changing the amount of water used.

Coffee Maker

Most brews utilize a ratio that rests somewhere between 1:18 and 1:16 (1 part coffee to 16-18 parts water). To simply find out your perfect strength, start at 1:16 and slowly increase the number of coffee grounds until you reach your desired coffee recipe. Don’t overdo it though. If you use too much coffee, really anything higher than 1:16, you’re going to get more of a sour taste because solubles weren’t fully dissolved in the water.

So there you have it! First, you need to find what’s more important to you, flavor or strength. Then experiment until you find the perfect balance to create your own “perfect cup of strong coffee.”

Tips On Finding The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Tip 1 – There are many types of coffee beans, but they are essentially all from either two plant species, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the better choice according to most connoisseurs although Robusta is what is used generally on most branded strains. You can have a taste of both to see which one you like best.

Tip 2 – The place where the plant is grown is also important in getting you the best coffee because the environmental factors influence the quality. In addition, the handling of the beans during shipping or exportation are also instrumental in giving you the best coffee. Brazil is the largest exporter, but Colombian coffee is what is used largely by commercial companies. However, coffee beans from Kenya are termed as high in quality and they are loved across the world.

Tip 3 – To get the best-tasting coffee, opt for roasted beans because they enhance the overall flavor of the drink. It is, however, also very important to ensure that your beans are roasted in the recent past to ensure that the flavor is still locked in. Coffee beans roasted more than two days before are not always a good choice for you. When you buy from a reputable outlet, the salespeople will always be honest when telling you how long ago they were roasted so you can make an informed decision.

Tip 4 – Besides getting roasted coffee beans, you should also remember that the roasting technique or procedure can impact the flavor of the drink. There are usually Italian roasting and French roasting among others. Try to find out the difference so that you can buy the coffee beans that have the potential of giving you the best results.

Tip 5 – Drinking coffee is a personal experience and you should never rely on what other people say when buying coffee beans. What works for others might not work for you. Trust in your taste buds, trust your instincts and know your coffee so that you can make the best choice every time. The truth is that you can find a winy, nutty, floral tasting, full-bodied and even mild coffee beans amongst other beans. Choose what you find most suitable for you. You can indulge more into trying out the different options until you make a conclusion on the coffee beans you love the most then you can stick to them.

When you know the beans that you love, you can find wholesale coffee suppliers where you can buy from. Buying in bulk might be the best thing that you can do and you can buy coffee online for convenience too. I hope that I have given you some information to think about, and hopefully, this will lead you in the right direction for that perfect cup of coffee.

If you find this article helpful, please leave a comment below. Thank you.



6 Replies to “Best Tips For Picking Coffee Beans”

  1. Hi Danny, let me say this is a pot of yummy coffee about coffee bean😉. This is such an insightful, factual and and eye opener. Though I really major in making my own coffee using my technique but I never realise a lot goes behind the selection of the perfect coffee beans for brewing. I couldn’t get enough of the tips on how to get the best coffee cup and I will definitely discuss all these with my coffee brewer.

    it feels good already knowing that I’m knowledgeable about coffee beans selection process just by reading this post. 

    1. Thanks, Ro, I appreciate your comments.  Yeah, I have been obsessed with coffee my entire life and I always like to shop around the world for different coffee beans.  But I didn’t realize the history behind it, or the way they select the coffee plants, nor the selection of the beans for the market.  Now every time I make a pot, I think about what goes into my coffee.

  2. Hey there,

    This is a great post about coffee! I went through a mini-course on coffee at the local Starbucks, a few years ago, and this is a good refresher! When opting for coffee, I usually go for a strong flavor. I usually pick beans with a flavor, such as Gloria Jean’s INFUSION – HAZELNUT PRALINE. I also love Starbucks’ Christmas Blend during that period of time. That spicy flavor is great for the holidays 🙂

    I have bookmarked and shared the post. Great job!


    1. Thanks for the comments.  I prefer a medium blend from Costa Rica or New Guinea myself.  I love coffee from all over the world.  But I hate Starbucks. For one, I don’t like what they did to the troops in Iraq and Afganistan.  And I won’t pay that much for a cup of coffee and make them rich.  Thanks again.

  3. I don’t drink coffee but my family and some friends do. I like a little caffeine sometimes but I don’t like taking a lot of caffeine like you get in coffee. Are there any types of coffee or coffee beans that have a lot less caffeine and taste kind of sweet? That is the type of coffee I like, maybe something with even a hint of chocolate flavor.

    1. Hey Jon, thank you for the comments.  I have located you a very high-quality Costa Rican coffee that has what you asked for.  Sweet and a hint of chocolate and it’s on Amazon.  I don’t have my Amazon Affiliate link up yet but if you like it, how about going back to my website the next time you want to purchase some and get it through my like.  It’s called Cafe Britt Tarrazu Montecielo Ground Coffee.  Thanks.

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